Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $1000 Review – How to Buy Good Ebikes

Riding an electric bike can be a different experience than your typical bike. It offers comfort as you don’t need to exert a lot of effort getting from point A to point B. You can even let the e-bike do the work for you. The good news is that there are plenty of options for you if you are looking for the best electric bike under 1000. Users can benefit from the variety of options that we currently have in the market. But if you want the best bang for your buck, you want to consider several factors such as the e-bike’s motor, battery, shock absorber, and even its transmission system. Here are some of the best e-bikes that you might want to check.

Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $1000 Review

Aceshin 20″ Folding Electric Bike

The Aceshin 20” Folding Electric Bike was made with storage and comfort in mind. With a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that can be collapsed easily, users can easily store this folding electric bike and have it stored in one corner. Also, because it is made of lightweight material, you can carry the bike when you are commuting or riding the train or buses.

In terms of performance, you have a 36V 8AH rechargeable lithium battery that powers its 250W motor. Considering the lightweight design of the bike, the bike could easily hit a top speed of 35km/h. And once fully charged, the battery can allow the bike to run up to 50 kilometers if on assisted mode. However, if fully reliant on the motor, you still get around 25 kilometers from the battery.

The Aceshin Folding Electric Bike has a 7-speed transmission system that can also aid the user. Also, you have the anti-slip tires that can ensure that you have superior control of your bike when riding for work or for leisure activities. It also makes use of dual brakes that stops the motion instantaneously.

One issue that you might encounter with the bike is that it is a bit too low for tall individuals. You might find it a bit awkward despite the adjustable seat height (27 inches to 44 inches).


  • Can run up to 50 kilometers on a single charge
  • Reaches a top speed of 35km/h
  • Foldable and lightweight design


  • A bit too low for tall individuals

SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

The SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike may not have your conventional bike’s appearance but it can offer great performance for daily commuters. First, users love the SwagCycle Pro for being foldable. It has a design that allows it to be packed in small spaces. And since the frame used is both lightweight and sturdy, you can depend on this bike for everyday commute. Plus, you won’t have a problem carrying it around when you need to go inside a building or when you need to go to the train station.

A single charge on its 37v 4.4Ah rechargeable lithium battery gives you around 25 kilometers. The batteries can get fully charged after 3 to 4 hours. And with the help of its 350W motor, the electric foldable bike can run up to 29km/h.  For this electric bike, the front wheel is 12 inches while the rear wheel is 10 inches. It means that the center of gravity is mostly found in front.

Another common complaint is that some people encounter problems with the battery early on. It means that you get to deal with a battery that potentially won’t charge fully to 100%.


  • Can run up to 25 kilometers per charge
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Powerful 350V motor


  • The center of gravity is too forward

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery, Premium Full Suspension and Shimano Gear

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike attracts not only the daily commuter but also those who love to ride outdoors. But unlike other mountain bikes, this Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is foldable allowing users to easily store the bike in their car’s trunk.

The construction of this electric bike is made of high-grade steel material. Plus, you have carbon steel suspension fork and rear suspension that allows a smooth ride regardless of the terrain that you are dealing with. Also, you have a 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system that gives users an easy time climbing steep hills.

Now, the motor isn’t exactly as powerful as other electric bikes. It only runs on a 250W motor plus a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery can give you up to 48 kilometers while it can run up to 48km/h. If you are going to use the Ancheer Electric Mountain bike, you have three different working modes. You can have the e-bike mode that completely relies on the motor, the assisted bicycle that allows you to pedal as well, and the normal bike mode.

The problem with this bike is that there isn’t enough instruction on how to ride the bike and how to assemble the bike.


  • Durable materials
  • Lightweight design and foldable
  • Meant for different terrains


  • No instruction on how to use different modes

Goplus Folding Electric Bike

One common problem encountered by e-bike users is the heavy nature of electric bikes. For the GoPlus Folding Electric Bike, it only weighs around 30 pounds. Plus, it is powered by a 350W motor and 36V 6Ah rechargeable Lithium battery.

It only means that you have a powerful electric bike. When fully charged, it can run up to 20kilometers. And also, it can support users up to 265 pounds. Another great feature of this electric bike is its IP56 waterproof grade which means that you can use it both during sunny or rainy weather. It even has a 12-inch shock-absorbent tire that offers great traction.

If you are one of those who plan on evaluating everything there is about your GoPlus Folding Electric Bike, you can have the app on your phone which tells you more about the speed, electricity, and even cruise control of your bike. The only problem that you might encounter is that the GoPlus Folding Electric Bike only works well on a flat road.


  • Can support up to 265 pounds
  • IP56 waterproof grade
  • Integrated with an app
  • Foldable and lightweight


  • Doesn’t work well on steep roads


There are various types of electric bikes under 1000. Finding the best electric bike under 1000 will ultimately depend on the user’s requirements. Are you planning to use the bike for weekend outdoor activities? Or are you going to use it to go to the office? With various options to choose from, you can have the right one that fits your needs and even your body type. The secret is to never be too impulsive when buying an electric bike. You’ll be surprised by the number of options that you will be able to find.